Amber Mykaels

Amber Mykaels is an American born actress best known for her roles as Aurora Meadowbrook in Chartered (2018), Amber in Paranormal Psycho Chicks (2020) Jones in Thunder Waves and Rockets (2021),  Roxie in Night Hunter (2021) and nominated for Best Actress in the Love International Film Festival for her Role as Natasha in Absence of God Speaking(2021)

From a young age Amber showed great enthusiasm for the arts and regularly competed in beauty pageants, later earning the title of Miss California 1994 and 1995 for her age group. Soon after, Amber and her family relocated to Ft. Lauderdale, FL where she completed her schooling.

Amber's competitiveness shines in all her endeavors, earning a full Athletic scholarship to Miami Dade College and the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Visual Arts. After completing her schooling, Amber moved to Voorhees, New Jersey where she spent the next 3 years traveling and studying photography.

After moving back to Southern California, Amber began attending acting classes at the San Diego Creative Arts Program. Amber made her film debut as Ms. Meadowbrook in the Comedy Series Chartered (2018), and made her Directorial debut in the mockumentary style pilot Paranormal Psycho Chicks (2020)

Amber is a SAG AFTRA Member

Amber Mykaels Cast in Feature Film Night Hunter as Roxie

The 2nd feature film by Bullet Catch Films. Written and Directed by Raul A. Urreola

Learn MoreMar 18, 2021

Amber Mykaels cast in Feature Film "Bare"

Amber is cast in Feature Film "Bare" for the role of Tracy. Produced by Creature Discomforts, written by Matt Hardy, "Bare" is a dogma 95 film about a married couple grieving the unexpected death of their two children. Ray and Darla's relationship spirals into new and terrifying territory.

Jun 02, 2020

Interview with SD Voyager Managazine

Learn MoreJun 01, 2020

Casting and Crowd Funding begins for short film Fate As We Know IT

Fate As We Know It is a screen play turned film, written about two unsuspecting souls and the plan fate has set out for them. The story follows these two characters through an unplanned and spontaneous day together, as the story unfolds we begin to learn more about each characters backgrounds and how the troubles in their lives brought them to that very moment when paths cross.

Learn MoreJan 11, 2020

Production Begins for Paranormal Psycho Chicks Pilot Episode!

Paranormal Psycho Chicks is a mockumentary style pilot following 6 completely unqualified female ghost hunter. What could possibly go wrong?

Learn MoreMar 14, 2020

Amber is Cast in Short Film Broad

Amber is cast for the role of Eric is the Broad short film.

Sep 17, 2019