The First Teaser Trailer for Night Hunter. The 2nd feature film by Bullet Catch Films. 

First Teaser Trailer

Written and Directed by Raul A. Urreola 

Starring: Jayce Venditti as Thomas Eduardo Jackson Amber Grayson as Logan Connie Marie Chiarelli as Kimberly Joanna Younes as Sylvia Steel Marisol Castillo Laborde as Maria Steel Antonio Salinas as Nelson Siggy Bobonis as Zedd Magdalena Callie as Claudia Thom Michael Mulligan as   Music By: Jaquie Joy Website: Executive Produced By: Christie L. Williams  Written & Directed By: Raul A. Urreola  Behind the Scenes Photos  Urreola Film Links:  Facebook: YouTube: Website: For Bookings, Inquires, or General Questions & Comments, Contact us at: